On 2008, the owners of Ixora – Cakes, Breads & Pastries wanted to extend the range of products on offer to the customers in Bali and from abroad. A market study done revealed that at that time there was only one genuine Gelato producer in Bali.

After sourcing the necessary production, storage, and transport equipment, as well as attending culinary training courses in Italy and with an Italian Gelato Master, a new company “Delicioso“ was born.

The first location in Seminyak, Bali gained a loyal following and soon, Delicioso expanded to include bistro food and coffee. By end of 2014 Delicioso, along with its sister company of Ixora – Cakes, Breads & Pastries, decided to look for new, shared premises to host a brand new restaurant, as well as all cake and bread production, gelato production, administration, and sales.

In 2015, Ixora – Cakes, Breads & Pastries and Delicioso moved into their modern, new location at Jalan Raya Semer 168, Kerobokan. This new space houses Delicioso Bistro & Restaurant with a seating capacity of 50 guests. The extensive menu offers a variety of breakfast, bistro/lunch, pizzas, and dinner options. Based on original recipes from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany (dating back about 60 years), Delicioso dishes are inspired by Western European comfort foods.

Kitchen European Food in Bali Exterior of European Restaurant in Bali